PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Beginner Level:

Understand from the last Mistake.  learn pub close fight tips (shoot+AIM+Move at the same time).

find the best settings controls in mobile as well as PC.

when to choose quickly upon landing

pubg 1st 5-minute strategies

Gaming Tips

  1. Pickup 5.6 & 7.2 Ammo  (9mm only for UZI, UMP9 .45ACP for short guns )
  2. Survive 1st 5 minutes (Re-entering the game is worse than this).
  3. Always hide & shoot.
  4. Maintain Health 100%, not 75%. focus on health boosters.
  5. USE Right weapons Snipers for long range, Assault rifles for mid-range SMG for Short range)
  6. don’t stuck in blue zone always give a move when 1st white mark indication (for newbies).
  7. Try to familiar with the vehicle.
  8. Wear protective armors (check damage when the bullets hits go nearest building picknewone) and helmets & bags.
  9. use grenades and smoke at right time.
  10. We can easily enter to top 10 if survival is the main priority.
  11. zig-zag and sprint to Avoid bullets from the unknown area until getting a cover and guess.

2nd volume of tips

  1. hide in some place wait & kill
  2. unequip to run faster
  3. sprint faster uphold the luggage
  4. remove shoes
  5. free lookup 360-degree eye icon
  6. use vehicle hit & kill people run faster
  7. wear dark clothes
  8. power punch with ump & sprint
  9. frying pan bullet   Stops bullets from your backside.
  10. hide in a tree
  11. climb the roof of house and shoot
  12. hide & kill room
  13. vehicle health tyre & fuel & health condition
  14. we can puncture it by shooting

USE Scope for midrange fights this ensures you are safe from hidden enemies & no bullets firing to you.

How to win the last Circle?

Stay Close to the Bluezone. Move Prone to prone to next circle probably up to 2 circle. the final circle size same as your number in the minimap. don’t neglect blue zone restricted area (it will kill you within seconds no medicine works)

Don’t shoot unnecessary other than a secure kill, (because you spot while firing, Suppressors may help to reduced sound and flash.

Remove Unnecessary items in your bag 1st priority, the 2nd option gives a try: remove your bag & secondary weapon too. it makes you less visibility.

Middleman vs center vs edges who gets benefit in the last circle?

Center: only to secure position and watch people die until 1vs1 or 1vs4 (if squad),

If the last 3 men left to wait to fight them and kill the last one.

prioritize covers (ensure that no one from the back) be aware of grenades where the spots like ROCK, Tree (if you try you may reveal your position)in mini map.

PUBG combat tips

camping in the stairs & doors: door swings inwards into your room. USE TPP eye icon.

Content Reference: https://raazkumar.com/mobile/pubg-game/pubg-mobile-tips-and-tricks-beginner-to-advanced/

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