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Starting Android Development? Basic Part #001

Understand Very Basic Knowledge From Android Studio


Learn Basic Knowledge Below- Above The [Url_Link_001]

  • Download the latest Android Studio
  • New features
  • Core features
  • Get started with Android Studio
  • Command line tools only
  • Recent videos


Get to know the Android Studio UI- Above The [Url_Link_002]

  • #1.Toolbar #2.Navigation bar #3.Editor window #4.Tool window bar #5.Tool windows #6.Status bar
  • To return to the default layout of the current tool window, click Window > Restore Default Layout. To customize your default layout, click Window > Store Current Layout as Default.
  • You can also use keyboard shortcuts to open tool windows. Table 1 lists the shortcuts for the most common tool windows.

Table 1. Keyboard shortcuts for tool windows

Tool window Windows and Linux macos
Project Alt+1 Command+1
Version Control Alt+9 Command+9
Run Shift+F10 Control+R
Debug Shift+F9 Control+D
Logcat Alt+6 Command+6
Return to Editor Esc Esc
Hide All Tool Windows Control+Shift+F12 Command+Shift+F12

***Summary Note of the [Basic Part #001]***

In this article, you must understand the basic [Developer workflow basics]

To be continued: [highlight color=”orange”] Basic Part #002 [/highlight]

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