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Top 15 PHP Projects, Ideas, and Topics with Free Source Code [2024]

Here are the top PHP projects, ideas, and topics with source code. You can choose from the projects below based on…

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Submit a form by Ajax on change event

For Advanced Users HTML Page named – myform.html <div id='ContentOutput'></div> <div class='container'> <form id='ajaxHtmlFormID' name='ajaxHtmlFormID' action='./ajaxHtmlFormIDexample' method='post'> First Name: <input…

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BDCOM OLT Show CLI commands

First connect OLT with your PC/Laptop To see All Active ONU information show epon active-onu To see Specific active onu…

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How To Delete Offline Onu MAC In BDCOM OLT

How to access OLT If you want to configure any network devices first you have to access this device. We…

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Ubuntu Server Setup Commands

______________________ SERVER SETUP START ______________________ ***(Get Ubuntu Current Update) sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade ***(install latest PHP lamp-server) sudo…

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HTML Entities, Currency Symbols, and ASCII Currency Character Code Reference

Do you need the copyright sign HTML Entities code? Or how about the HTML entity degrees Celsius? Continue reading for…

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How To Get Current Page Title In WordPress

Sometimes we want to get current page title, which is displayed in <title> tag. Here I mean the page in…

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Build Your Own Ludo Game in Python

Build your own ludo game step by step… This kit provides a solution using python for Ludo, one of the…

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How to make API call in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we learn 4 way to make an API call in JavaScript, it became honestly essential to understand…

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Recover Excel Password Within A Minutes

Hello Viewers, with following this tips you can recover any password protected excel sheet. First Step: Open your protected worksheet…

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