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How To Delete Offline Onu MAC In BDCOM OLT

How to access OLT

If you want to configure any network devices first you have to access this device. We can access two ways such as using a console cable and using OLT default IP address by Ethernet cable.

1. Access OLT via Console Cable:

Every network device has a console port for managing devices. OLT 4 port 8 port 16 port devices also have console ports. 

You need a console cable & USB TO Serial converter to connect the OLT with your PC or Laptop. Console cable available at your OLT Packet & you have to buy a USB TO Serial converter.

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To get the CLI interface of OLT needs to use software like putty. And make sure to select speed 9600

2. Access OLT via OLT Default IP Address

By Default DBC EPON OLT Default ip address is

If you want to access your OLT using a GE port, you need to connect an Ethernet cable to your PC to OLT any Gigabit Ethernet port like GE1 GE2 etc.

OLT has a fixed static IP address at default VLAN. You can reach the IP address using any gigabit port. By default OLT IP address is  You may find this IP by attached on the OLT. You may also found the default username= & password= on that.

For accessing this IP you need to change your pc LAN IP using the same subnet. We changed our pc IP to and subnet mask

Delete Offline Onu MAC In BDCOM OLT via Putty with CLI commands

First Connect your PC/Laptop to the OLT Console port using a Console cable & USB to Serial converter.

Open PuTTY set Connection Type: Serial / Serial Line: COM3 / Speed: 9600 & click open

Now type following commands step by step

type olt username & press enter

type olt password & press enter

If you success to login olt them you can see OLT>

Type enable & press enter ( see output : OLT# )

Type config & press enter ( see output : OLT_config# )

For PON1 type interface epoN 0/1 & press enter ( see output : OLT_config_epon0/1# )

For delete onu type no epon bind-onu sequence 52 & press enter

Type exit & press enter

For save type write all & press enter

Now see all CLI commands together below:

interface epoN 0/1
no epon bind-onu sequence 52
write all

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