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What is an API?

Due diligence and effort are required to build an API that other developers will want to work with and trust. These are the five steps required for high-quality API design:

1. Plan the API 

API specifications, like OpenAPI, provide the blueprint for your API design. It is better to think about different use cases in advance and ensure the API adheres to current API development standards.

2. Build the API

 API designers prototype APIs using boilerplate code. Once the prototype is tested, developers can customize it to internal specifications.

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3. Test the API  

API testing is the same as software testing and must be done to prevent bugs and defects. API testing tools can be used to strength test the API against cyber attacks.

4. Document the API  

While APIs are self-explanatory, API documentation acts as a guide to improve usability. Well-documented APIs that offer a range of functions and use cases tend to be more popular in a service-oriented architecture.

5. Market the API 

Just as Amazon is an online marketplace for retail, API marketplaces exist for developers to buy and sell other APIs. Listing your API can allow you to monetize it.


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